Useful Links

General Reference Sites:
·       The CIA World Factbook
·       U.S. Copyright Office

Elementary School Students:
·       Kids InfoBits on iCONN
·       Kids Reads!
·       Reading Rainbow
·       Kids' Zone at 

International News Links:

·       BBC World News 

Government and History:
·       U.S. Senate website
·       iCONN Newspaper Stand
·       Early America

Science and Math
·       Worldwide Telescope
·       MathSciNet
·        Insects on the Web

Arts and Literature:
·       The Louvre, Paris
·       Book Spot 
·       BookBrowse
·       Poetry Archive 
·       Read-A-Likes
·       Nobel Prize Award Titles
·       The Man Booker Prize
·       The Bushnell
·       Tanglewood
·       Music Mountain
·       NPR's Best Books of 2010 
·       NPR's Best Music of 2010

Helpful Links for Young Adults:

Amazing site with every link imaginable for finding information here in the USA and internationally, weather, newspapers, AP photo archives, dictionaries, thesauruses -- a great starting point when you don't know where to begin!

Have pressing questions and issues but no one to turn to? This is Columbia University's teen site that addresses various delicate yet important questions you may have.

Over-the-top site for cool books, books-to-movies, series, blogs, newsletters, writing clubs -- great stuff!

Need a little help digesting assigned readings? Spark Notes gives you simple guides through many of the traditional and contemporary classics, including Shakespeare. What have you got to lose?

This is a totally comprehensive site with images of book covers as well as brief reviews and more!

Which character are you?

Want to find out about world news -- but in foreign languages? Try it!
Recommended for ages 16+

Express yourself freely in words and find new ways to do it!

Getting ready to find your first job? Graduating and need to prepare for interviews? Check out this simple but effective site for students created by the CT Department of Labor.

Amazing Stuff! No one can get bored playing with

Build a Mobile , Make a Collage and other time-wasting stuff to do online! 

Fiction and factual dealing with body image and eating disorders. Tip: look at the bottom of the page and click on "Print Page" to get a list of the books & let us know what you like!

Take a visual walk through history with these interactive exercises--also build your
own exhibit!

Get some quick reviews and a look at the cover of these biographies. Tip: look at the bottom of the page and click on "Print Page" to get a list of the books & let us know what you like

Helpful Links for Parents
The Library offers a Parenting Section, containing books and films on raising children from birth through the teen years. Our Online Catalog provides easy access to ordering, renewing, keeping your reading list and reviews. Below are some additional resources for parents in our community.

The U.S. government's new website to help create, maintain and strengthen effective youth programs.
Feel at a disadvantage when meeting with your child's teacher? CPAC provides online assistance to parents grappling with educators' unfamiliar terms and language; provides Guide to Educational Terms.

Find out how to begin filtering out content that's not age appropriate.