Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Friends of Rathbun Present Fridays at 5:30

with Terry & Deborah Borton
of The American Magic-Lantern Theater

Join us for an informative and entertaining presentation with the Bortons as they discuss their new book:
Before The Movies –
American Magic-Lantern Entertainment and the Nation’s First Great Screen Artist, Joseph Boggs Beale”

Magic Lantern shows were very popular Victorian-era big screen extravaganzas that led to the modern movies. They consisted of a combination of projected color images, live drama, live music, hilarious comedy and boisterous audience participation. The shows were "the great grandfather of the cinema" -- what the movies developed from 100 years ago.

Before the Movies is a comprehensive survey of the American artists who created early magic-lantern stories and songs for the screen. The book emphasizes the work of Joseph Boggs Beale, a pioneer in the field, and demonstrates that Beale almost single handedly created American-made screen entertainment for the generation before the movies.

The American Magic-Lantern Theater has authentically recreated the traveling theater using antique equipment, and the content, music, and dramatic style of the 1890s. During the last 20 years, the Bortons have given over a thousand performances in 38 states and 6 different countries, entrancing over a million people.

Terry Borton is the director of The American Magic-Lantern Theater, holds a doctorate from Harvard, and is the author of two previous books.

Deborah Borton holds a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania and is President of the Magic Lantern Society of the U.S and Canada.


The authors will be available to answer questions following the presentation.

A $5.00 donation is requested. All proceeds benefit the Rathbun Library.

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