Thursday, February 28, 2013

Take a minute to help EH: Local Prevention Council

One of the library's most important roles is being an active partner in making East Haddam a better community.  As part of our local community, we actively strive to work with businesses and organizations all over town - especially if it is for a good cause.  This is why the library actively participates in the East Haddam Local Prevention Council's mission to keep our youth off of harmful substances like drugs & alcohol.  As part of that commitment, we would like to ask you to help us further our goal to lower substance abuse by taking a quick 3-minute survey.

The purpose of this LPC survey is to get an idea of how local citizens view our community's ability to prevent our youth from abusing drugs and alcohol. The survey is 100% anonymous, and no personal information is being collected. The results will greatly help the Local Prevention Council create a comprehensive strategy to lower substance-abuse rates in our town.  

By taking this survey, you will be doing your part in making East Haddam a stronger, healthier community. Be a good neighbor, get some good karma, and help your community by clicking the link below. Thank you.