Tuesday, April 12, 2011

National Library Week: April 10-16, 2011

Let's celebrate National Library Week
The iCONN Databases are offering free week-long access to test some programs, such as learning foreign languages, learning more about the Environmental, Science and more.  Select from the
products below in the drop-down list:

or you can spend time exploring Connecticut's participation
in the Civil War at Central CT State University's site (click on the icon):

or go to the State Library's American Civil War Resources Page
for many more links!

And don't forget the National Endowment for the Arts' The BIG Read -- a collection of selected literary and contemporary classic novels narrated by actors and actresses, along with discussions of the work on CD. This is a great resource for college-preparatory students and adults and is now available
in our Audio-Visual Section on the Main Floor.

Stop by our Library Gift Shop for a selection of clip visors for your glasses and sunglasses, handy keychain wallets for your library card and petite booklights for when you want to read in bed,
on the plane, the train or while camping on a mountain top!

Remember this National Library Week to